Napa Valley Wellness Treatments

Choose from one of our Greenhaus Signature Luxury Spa Treatments!  Any of these fabulous spa treatments will provide a relaxing spa experience in Napa Valley.


Royal Honey Dream TreatmentPino Honey Massage.jpg
Warm honey back treatment with a full body massage.  The Honey Ginger Massage Oil and Honey Ginger Massage Candle are combined along with the immune boosting Honey and Beeswax Pad, creating a very unique body treatment.  An extremely grounding treatment that will boost your immunity with a slow myofascial release massage on the back using a warm, eco-certified honey, a warm beeswax mask applied to the back, and a full body massage with warming honey ginger oil.  Benefits include:
   •Balancing the body’s vital energy
   •Enhancing the body’s metabolic activity and boosting the body’s immune system
   •Helping to relieve tension and pain
   •Activating the body’s back reflex zones to stimulate organ activity
Book Now$160 for 90 mins

The Vineyard Treatment
Full Body Exfoliation with a 45 minute massage and body wrap.  The Ultimate Napa Valley Experience.  A moisturizing treatment incorporating the finest anti-aging ingredients of vino therapy.  Includes a full body Grape Seed scrub followed by a Chardonnay Body Butter massage from head to toe.  Marinate in the silkiness and sophistication of our region’s grapes.
Book Now  $190 for 90 mins

Pure Bliss
Olive Oil and Lavender. The profound healing effects of Lavender provide deep relaxation, an antidote to the stress of modern life.  Hand and Foot Treatment leave your skin feeling soft and renewed. The 60 minute Lavender Massage will melt away your troubles and get you ready to face your day.
Book Now  $145 for 75 mins

Soul to Sole
Experience the healing power of warm exotic nut oils massaged gently in your scalp, leaving your hair shiny and healthy while a grape seed scrub, moisturizing mask and massage hydrate your feet.
Book Now  $55 for 30 mins