Greenhaus Day Spa Body Treatments 

Choose one of our spa body treatments to give your body a fresh start.  We use only the finest ingredients to nourish your body while your mind relaxes in harmony.

Body Glow

Awaken your body with this invigorating body scrub, calmed down by a velvety warm body butter. This treatment will reduce dead and dry skin cells and stimulate circulation. As a result, your whole body will be smooth and hydrated.

This treatment is not recommended for woman who are pregnant.
Book Now  $115 for 60 mins

Royal Honey Treatment

A warm honey back treatment with a full body Massage.  The Honey Ginger Massage Oil is combined with the immune boosting Honey and Beeswax Pad, creating a very unique body treatment.  An extremely grounding treatment that will boost your immunity with a slow Myofascial release Massage on the back using a warm, eco-certified honey, a warm Beeswax Pad applied to the back, and a full body Massage. Benefits include:
• Balancing the body's vital energy
• Enhancing the body's immune system
• Helping to relieve tension and pain
• Activating the body's back reflex zones to stimulate organ activity
Book Now $170 for 90 mins


The Vineyard Treatment

The Ultimate Napa Valley Experience.  A moisturizing treatment incorporating the finest anti-aging ingredients of vino therapy.  It includes a full body Grape Seed Scrub followed by a Chardonnay Body Butter Massage from head to toe.  Marinate in the silkiness and sophistication of our region's grapes.
Book Now  $180 for 90 mins