Napa Valley Wellness Treatments

Choose from one of our Greenhaus Signature Luxury Spa Treatments!  Any of these fabulous spa treatments will provide a relaxing spa experience in Napa Valley.

Royal Honey Dream Treatment
A warm honey back treatment with a full body Massage.  The Honey Ginger Massage Oil is combined with the immune boosting Honey and Beeswax Pad, creating a very unique body treatment.  An extremely grounding treatment that will boost your immunity with a slow Myofascial release Massage on the back using a warm, eco-certified honey, a warm Beeswax Mask applied to the back, and a full body Massage with warming honey ginger oil.  Benefits include:
• Balancing the body’s vital energy
• Enhancing the body’s immune system
• Helping to relieve tension and pain
• Activating the body’s back reflex zones to stimulate organ activity
Book Now $160 for 90 mins

The Vineyard Treatment
The Ultimate Napa Valley Experience.  A moisturizing treatment incorporating the finest anti-aging ingredients of vino therapy.  It includes a full body Grape Seed Scrub followed by a Chardonnay Body Butter Massage from head to toe.  Marinate in the silkiness and sophistication of our region’s grapes.
Book Now  $180 for 90 mins